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Petrol Inter cultivator – KK – IC – 205P


Engine Engine model KK-PE4-203
Max power (kW) 4.5
Rated power (kW) 3
Displacement (cc) 196
Rated speed (r/min) 3600
Tilling Machine Dimension (l x w x h) (mm) 1400×1000×980
Net Weight (kg) 102
Tilling width (cm) 92
Tilling depth (cm) ≥10
Working speed (m/s) 0.13-0.22
Productivity (hm2/h) ≥0.04
Fuel consumption (kg/hm2) ≤30
Transmission Gear transmission
Connection Directly shaft connection
Tilling system Design speed(r/min) I: 87   ii: 127
Max turning radius (mm) 180
Total blades 32 pcs
Blades type Dry land blades

Petrol Inter cultivator – KK-IC-100P


The Inter-cultivator is suitable for cultivating the sandy soil and clay soil of canopied
vegetables base, slopes with gradient less than 10%, paddy field with the depth of water surface to hard layer not more than 250mm. For weedy and deep plots, remove the weeds before using the Inter-cultivator to cultivate the land. Assemble blades on both side of tilling system, and use pin to fixed blades to do tilling work. Take off resistance rod and assemble ditching blade, for ditching work

Petrol Intercultivator – KK-SPR-1201P


Harvesting of soya bean, paddy, wheat, ragi mustard etc.


Self Propelled Reaper

Rated Power 4.1kW (5.6hp)
Displacement/RPM 212cc/3600
Engine Type/Fuel used 4-Stroke/Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6L
Oil Tank Capacity 0.6L
Cutting Width 1200mm
Cutting Height ?50mm
Minimum Crop Height ?500mm (20″)
Reaper Cultivation 4-lines at a time
Row Gap 300mm
Productivity 2-3hr/0.4ha
Fuel Consumption 700ml-750ml/hr

Petrol Intercultivator – KK-IC-8626


This is a SECONDARY TILLAGE equipment. It should be used in land that has already been ploughed using tractor and has sufficient moisture. It is used for intercultivating, turning the soil, weeding, aerating, and making rows for plantation.


Specification KK-IC-8626
Rated Power 1.5kW (2hp)
Displacement 42cc
Engine Type/Fuel Used 2-Stroke/Petrol
RPM 7000 (Engine RPM) and 250 (Rotavator RPM)
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.2L
Oil 40ml (2T) oil/1L of Petrol (mixing)
Cultivation Width 25.4cm (10″)
Cultivation Depth 2.6cm-16cm (1”-6”)
Number of Gears 1 Forward
Fuel Consumption 500ml/hr
Type of Soil Soft Soil

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