Pro Trac 750 D


  • This machine is highly recommended for Power Weeding between rows of vegetables and crops planted at a distance of 20 – 24 Inches for the body and wheels to move freely between the rows.
  • This machine is our most popular model for Sugarcane also Crops and Plantations having straight rows. The machine has high speed rear rotors and does an excellent job between rows. in addition to this is will also keep the rest of the plantation weed free.
  • It has differential lock mechanism which allow to move tyres in individual direction.
  • It has very easy mechanism of quick coupling assembly to fit the rear tiller
  • Handle being adjustable can be rotated by 180 degree and handle can be adjusted as per operators height with three point lock mechanism
  • The width of the rotors is 15.8 Inches, so power weeding takes place up to 16 Inches width.
  • The machine uses diesel fuel having fuel capacity of 3 ltrs
  • Under normal operating conditions and depending on the load, average is approx. 800 ml per hour**(vary operator to operator)
  • This machine is extensively designed for sugarcane weeding operations and other operations depending on situation

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